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Hello, looking for advice on whether to invest more into risky growth hype stocks

I’m 19 currently studying at University, my portfolio consits of some safeish stocks such as Apple (up 7%), Microsoft (up 1%), Amazon, Google and nVidia. I also have some growth stocks such as NIO (up 167%), NET (up 130%) and PLTR (up 46%). Im in about 60% safe 40% risk/growth stocks.

My question is, as I’m young and dont have a massive amount invested (~£4k). Would it be a bad idea to sell my safe stocks and invest more aggressively into growth stocks, maybe expanding into more EVs such as Li and xpeng. I’m hoping for as much gain as possible in the next 4 years til I graduate to aid me in putting a deposit on a house. However I am nervous at the possibility of major pullbacks from these growth stocks. I am also concerned that APPL, MSFT and NVDA won’t produce the return im looking for.

On top of this im looking to invest around 1500 a year for the next 4 years.

Any advice is appreciated, as you can tell, I’m new to this. Thanks.

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