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2 weeks A Few Questions for Old Seasoned Trading Pros (If You Have a Second) Reddit     

Q. 1. Let’s say you have a hefty chunk of capital invested in a stock you trust and believe in long term. However, you’ve been monitoring a couple other stocks closely, daily, for over a month and you feel confident in your ability to make short term gains from those two stocks (they express higher volatility than your trusted stock). Do you: A) Take the risk, sell your “trusted” stock (even if it is a small capital gains loss) to buy up the other two stocks you see as a good price leading to a short term gain? or B) Leave it alone, just stay with the stock you trust and believe in with low volatility?

Q.2. When you’re going in to buy a stock you want, do you wait for a desirable price or do you set up a cash covered put to buy the stock?

Q.3. I’m currently setting aside $1,000 monthly from my paycheck into a managed portfolio through MetLife. It’s moderate risk (more towards low risk). I have been trading on my own for a while now, I’ve gained some confidence on trading options and feel as though I could make as good as if not slightly better gains than my MetLife portfolio. Would you put that $1,000 monthly into your own self-managed brokerage portfolio or for quality-of-life (I have two little kids, a wife, a dog, a mortgage, a career I need to focus on) would you just let the money ride out in your 403b (or 401k whatever the case may be)? Just looking for honest opinions and I appreciate your time!

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