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2 weeks A warning to you, my New Money brethren: We are at war. Reddit     

And not the fun kind, like Team Bulls vs Team Bears squaring off for the reward of profit. I mean the bad kind where our enemy is after our livelihood and freedom from a life of employee-servitude.

From a series of observations, what I can only now label as a bonafide “revelation” was born and I believe it to be in my best interest to plant this seed of consideration in the minds of my brothers-in-arms each day that we opt to expose ourselves to the mighty Market.

Of course you’ve heard of the “Robinhood Flood” (actually, I just came up with that but, that you know what it is anyways speaks to my term-generation skillz–more of those on display later), but I believe those that actually use Robinhood are but a (signfigantly-sized) sect in a much larger group that, together, has formed an entirely new race of traders/investors that were wise, willing, and able to heed the call from the Market that offers the opportunity to begin the shift to a new generation of particpants that will lead in the rebuilding of our world (by ever-squabbling over a price so that we may extract personal gain). This crew, I will call “New Money”.

This new race, comprised of anyone and everyone that, for whatever reasons, was previously not-involved with the Market, but has stepped up to the plate and put their life savings at risk just to play the hardest-game-ever-played, going up against the currently-inhabitant race of “smart money” whom were previously known to not be fucked with, but whose hubris has lead to the destruction of our future and the exposure of a window to change that, clearly, many could not pass on the opportunity to have a peak through. This crew, responsible for everything from Oil Wars to perpetual Debt Servitude, I will “Old Power”.

At the time of the signalling event, the inflows of New Money to the sacred ground was the talk of the town. In a moment of fear, the Old Power let slip just one message: “This is…changing things.”

As New Money educated itself and dove on every opportunity Old Power cut weight on to help navigate these uncertain waters, our YOLO-balls quickly proved to have been a valuable asset and led to some considerable funding to give this uprising the staying power it needed to suddenly become an actual concern of Old Power. After the public disgrace of a few of Old Power’s most beloved heroes, the audience cheered; but, the response from Old Power was a stern “Game on, then.”

Soon after, and seemingly overnight, I woke up one day to find a new power at play in the Market. What yesterday was easy was suddenly not. Our enemy had stopped running and turned around to unleash some hard-ball on their new threat. Anyone believing this was going to stay easy was, surely, mistaken and it was time to start earning our keep and flexing our intellect if further ground was to be gained. The Fun Flood-in phase had officially progressed to what I will call phase 2, “War kinda sucks…”

Since then, New Money appears to be holding it’s own and doing well to sharpen their wit by preparing for the on-going battle with discussions and sharing of tactics, strategies, and tools in the reddit/facebook/message board communities. We’ve even got a nice handfull of our own would-be Youtube heroes that act as both on-boarding stations and news channels. Everyone is doing their part, and I just want to take this opportunity to say, “fucking bravo!”. And with that, you’re all up to speed, and I shall deliver warning which lead me here.

Old Power seems to have uncovered a weakness we’ve exposed, and it seems to be an effective strategy being used to thin out our numbers and send our zealous comrades fighting on the front lines back to the unemployment line. If we’re not careful and work to overcome this, Old Power may claim control of the power positions and leave what’s left of us holding nothing but bags full of “COVID Plays” and “Pennies-until-yesterday”, at which point they can go back to safely ignoring us as we finish ourselves off with a race to the bottom by trading each other the worthless positions we paid an arm for right before getting run over by a landslide that leaves us with less capital and pile of “Precious”es to waste our time self-soothing over (“[$15] next week!”). No, my dude; it’s [$7] forever. If you’re lucky.

So, what’s this weakness we’ve exposed and has recently been used to give a hard slap of frustration and doubt in the longevity of this lifestyle? That, I will call “Overconfidence in the Obvious”. The obvious could be anything that typically indicates price heading in a particular direction. Maybe it’s worked for you countless times before or comes from a source you trust. Maybe it’s a good/bad earnings report, announcement of offering/close to one, a candlestick pattern, MACD divergence, bla, bla, bla. I’m telling you, we have entered into a time when anything and everything you trust as a reason to take position in anticipation of the resulting direction needs to be considered suspect and proceeded with more cautiously than you’ve ever needed to before, because your trust in [whatever thing] has started to be exploited by Old Power (I assume, because they’re the only ones with the bankroll to pull it off). Anytime that anything happens that seems obvious “tomorrow is going [up or down]”, I think you will begin to see more and more often, it will defy all logic and make a major move against most people’s plays and ginormous transfers of New Money wealth will find it’s way back to Old Power as they proceed to squeeze you harder than you have the solvency to endure for [the morning/afternoon/two days/the week/etc] until they snuff out the Gulla-bulls and then profit from letting go and holding all the cards while you think “I fucking knew it!” and pile back in, after which they just bounce leaving you with the salty taste of their patented Double-Fucking secret recipe and smaller account size that will eventually lead to the PDT bouncers showing you back outside.

There it is then; proceed accordingly. My suggestions: remove the word “sure” from your trading vocabularly, wait to see what happens before taking a position, cut your losses early and not to just wait until “ok, there it goes!”. Maybe we can throw them off a little by hyping the opposite of what we really intend to do on social media? And keep buying up those metals. Whoever wins this contest is going to them to survive the transition, and the later you get in, the lower your old:new wealth ratio is going to be. Hopefully I’ll catch you on the flip side and not breaking in to rob my pantry next year.

Viva la revolución.

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