3 months Am I Being Scammed!?! Reddit      

Hey all! I need some help please as I do not know if I am getting scammed or not…

I am just an average crypto user who browses reddit and this page every now and then. I logged on the other day and I had a message in my inbox. Sure enough, a beautiful girl had reached out to me and wants to get to know me! Not only that, but she wanted to start talking about my financial situation and cryptocurrency as she has a great money making opportunity for me.

We have been talking for weeks now and am starting to trust her more and more, but today she wanted me to send UST to an address. She says that once the funds are received, she can start making me hundreds of dollars a day! Since we have been talking on Reddit for weeks, I think I’m going to do it because this couldn’t possibly be a scam could it??? After all, I might be falling in…

Record scratch…. Snap back to reality mother fucker!


How often do we need to see these posts people?!? I’m going to say it now…. If a girl messages you on Reddit, or any other platform randomly who you have never met, it is 99.99% a fat fucker in a basement, posing as a girl, trying to scam you for money.

Do I need to say more? For the love of God people, do not fall for this shit. Stay safe out there.

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