2 months Am I exposed enough? Reddit      

A title like that would get me arrested anywhere else.

But here are the stock picks I’m slowly DCA’ing into:

• IGUS – S&P 500 hedged – where most of the action is — US markets

• VHYG – All-World High Yield – less sensitive to fluctuations due to dividends

• V3AB – Global All Cap – protects a little more against US collapse

• BRKB – Berkshire Hathaway safe US value shares

• Personal Pick of the Moment (ie, AMZN, APPL) – my growth moonshot

I’m doing 20% into each over time.

I’d like to hold bonds via an ETF, to earn money on ‘cash’, but unsure which is the best to do so.

Does this seem sensible, or does anyone think I have glaring gaps here? I know that there is some overlap there.

Good luck to everyone on the recent news spurt! I’m down a nice chunk on AMZN!!

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