2 months $AMN and earnings report Nov. 4 Reddit    

$AMN and earnings report Nov. 4

AMN is a nursing company specifically they supply nurses for temporary or fill in work. They have an earnings report coming out Nov. 4th. I don't see anyway with Delta that they are going to no meet or exceed expectations. I started buying when they dropped last week. I think with a good earnings report they will be back up to $115

I also think they will keep market share due to world events and retirements / quits from being overworked and vaccine mandates. We have 30% with long covid some who require home health. We have flu season upon us and Delta being a break through virus. Add future mutations and the travels nurses able to get more pay.

Earning have increased in the last 3 years and is predicted to be a big increase for this year. The next annual fiscal cycle is predicted to be lower than this year but still above the prior years meaning they are predicted to keep some market share.

Institutions hold 94% of the stock so certainly not a wild side stock.

So I'm interested in anyone seeing a big downside in the near term.

Analysts also think they are a buy stock.


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