2 months Anyone looking at OSS (One Stop Systems)? Reddit    

The volume is very low, but it fulfils a lot of the criteria I believe is a good stock in an overvalued market. Partners include a lot of large companies like Nvidia, AMD, WD etc.


The product they make are very niche, and they have several ongoing projects with the government (military and non-military applications) and major companies alike. It is not any hype stock (which I generally avoid) and I always seek to find undervalued and quiet stocks around the market. An example of a stock I own since it was $14 is APG, a fire safety systems company which at that time was very undervalue for the revenue it brings.

OSS has good revenues and little debt when compared to assets and cash, a great product line and I am interested to hear what you guys think. To be clear, this is just for discussion purposes, it is by no means any pump attempt, and I am not a bagholder of any sorts. This is a stock I find interesting, and it has no funny business like warrants (in a non-standard IPO entry into the market way which I cannot mention here due to content restriction) , 'short squeeze potential' and other funny terms surrounding it.

I have about 2000 shares at $3+ and have plans to buy another 1000 by year's end. Hopefully the Omicron fears and other stuff that is 'hurting' the market now will prove beneficial to a good re-entry price. I hold about 80% of my holdings in a global ETF (VWRA.L) so I usually am okay to buy individual companies and leave it be for years if I do spot a good one. Volume is definitely a concern, but in general the stock ticks a lot of the correct boxes.

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