3 months Ape coin is looking like just another pump and dump so be careful. Reddit      

If you haven’t heard the news Bored Ape Yacht Club released a New Token called Apecoin and obviously it’s been pumping and dumping ever since causing a frenzy.

“but bro you have no idea what you’re talking about it made people a lot of money” it also lost people a lot of money when it dumped, it’s volatile and not dependable.

It was the invention of Apecoin DAO and mostly people who got rewards are the people who already own a bored ape NFT.

And while Apecoin does function like a governance token i don’t see the use cases for it, there’s a lot of good governance tokens in the market like Curve and BIT that give access to education, art and gaming driven DAOs. Backed up by good fundamentals not hundred thousand dollar NFTs.

I’m not trying to be bitter or anything, if you’re an owner of a bored ape or mutant ape nft, all the power to you, but this obviously isn’t for the mass market, and you should be careful.

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