4 months Are we now on a uptrend or was it just this week? Reddit      

I fucked up not gonna lie. I was decided to invest 40% of the total money I have to invest and I didn’t, waiting for the Feds’s decision, and than the prices were to high.

Guess I got so fixated on timing the market and the values I could have bought the stocks at, that I didn’t bought them at all hoping they would go down again.

Are we going to have other opportunities to buy cheap soon or now I’m basically screwed or I buy high?

What I’m thinking is with the war not over and a recession possibly coming I can stick with the 60% of the money invested with around 4% gains atm. If it goes down again I’ll buy the dip and lower my averages it’s a win win this way.

What are you guys doing and what are your thoughts on this?

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