5 months $ATWT $8M market cap just got an LOI for 1000 vehicles in the middle east       

ATWEC ($ATWT) Subsidiary SafeBus Tech Signs LOI for Middle East Sales! This is a tiny company with a market cap of only $8M ($0.0215/share) and has been making some huge moves recently.

ATWT to Export New Vehicle Technologies to Schools in Saudi Arabia and UAE. The Company will initially commit to installing systems on up to 1,000 vehicles in greater Riyadh, beginning in late 2021. The price of the systems ranges from basic $250 up to $2500 per vehicle, for a high-functioning and powerful security system.

"We are exploring the opportunity for immediate sales beyond our nation's borders, to countries like Saudi Arabia, whose cities have as many children and as many buses as we do," said Ravi Saini, one of the founding partners of SafeBus INTL. "These new relationships will ramp up the Company's sales efforts and require expanded manufacturing of the units. ATWT can go into high production mode, and hopefully attain exponential growth by 2023."

The stock price has slowly declined a massive 80% since making the announcement due to youtubers pumping the news and ATWT selling its stock to purchase SafeBus Technologies. On May 31, they will finalized their acquisition and I'm sure there will be an announcement for that as well. I think this gives us a fantastic buying price now because of all the catalysts coming. Anytime new news comes out about this stock, I like to post it on the pages I follow. This is not meant to be a distraction for AMC (TO THE MOON!) but this is a great small cap stock to look into!

LOI https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ATWT/news/ATWEC-Subsidiary-SafeBus-Tech-Signs-LOI-for-Middle-East-Sales?id=303984

$22.5M contract signed https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ATWT/news/ATWEC-Technologies-Inc-Announces-Contract-for-a-mixture-of-95000-different-units-from-its-product-line?id=291388

SafeBus Aquisition https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ATWT/news/First-Pilot-Programs-to-Begin-at-Memphis-Day-Care-Centers-in-April-2021?id=299054

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