2 months Biotech sector – &AGTC $CRSP $VERU Reddit    

I've been following a few biotech plays and slowly DCA'd.

My thesis is biotech is out of favour right now and interest lies elsewhere and I find now might be a good time to scale in.

How does inflation- current market environment play on biotech sector?

AGTC lies near ATL right now with a rich Q4 full of possible catalysts incoming Veru is another decent play. Both AGTC and veru have xxx% gain price targets and I am open to opinions as to why I am wrong.

Crsp is a wonderful company with a bright future that's well known by now and I'm surprised it broke the 110 trend.

Positions 300 AGTC at 3,52 50 VERU at 7,9 17 CRSP at 110

Tldr: pumping my bags?

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