3 weeks Bombardier(BBD.A, TSX), good investment? Reddit      

Bombardier recently sold off the train making part of its business as part of restructuring efforts to focus on profitable business class jets. Since the sale at the end of January to Alstom the stock has risen from $0.61 to $2.00.


As of 2019 the company had 8200 employees in Quebec, 1200 in Ontario and 54000 worldwide making it a major Canadian employer. Given the number of high earning Quebec taxpayers working for Bombardier I'm sure the government will continue to do all they can to help them stay in business.

As more people get vaccinated and business travel picks up demand for their business class jets should increase. Barring a major market correction, I don't think this stock doubling in the next year is unreasonable. Not financial advice just wondering if anyone else is bullish on BBD.A? Am I out to lunch?

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