2 months $BOTY just announced that it will be getting a Roku channel!       

Lingerie Fighting Championship or $BOTY is the next meme stock of the ages! 🤣 It's women fighting UFC style in an octagon wearing lingerie. $BOTY just got Pay-per-view for its big events and now it is going to have it's own Roku channel. This news came out today! This will bring in so many new viewers! Who wouldn't watch that? It's got meme 🚀🚀🚀 written all over it. It cost $0.0024 per share and market cap is only $4M. $4M as in only 4 million doll hairs! $100 gets you over 40,000 shares! 🤑 I am an official share holder! I wonder if we get to decide who fights who? Or maybe take part in the interview process 🤣 I mean who doesn't want to support our brave women going into battle looking sexy as all hell? Do they make a lot of money? Hell no but I can smell the potential! With our help, they could finally get the right sized paychecks we all know they deserve. $BOoTY is an OTC stock and is now pink current. Not saying it will grow and grow but I think people are buying it because of the meme stock culture and the huge catalyst with roku today and I am jumping on for the ride up! This thing is primed to launch to the moon!

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