2 days Breaking News: Cyberpunk 2077 footage was Leaked online Reddit     

It’s no secret that Cyberpunk 2077 release is a very material event for CD Projekt ($OTGLY). I have about $125,000 worth of shares and following anything that happens with that company online. Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on Dec 10th.

Gaming footage was release from people working in retail who stole the game for their own pleasure. There is also reports that Amazon has received physical copies.

So the big news from the leak is:

  1. No further delays. Physical copies are out there. This was a big worry since the game was delayed 4 times. So I expect the price to jump since that risk is no longer there.
  2. Game looks crisp!!
  3. These leaks do not include the 0-day patches.
  4. People have spend 180 hours playing the game and there is plenty of material to play.
  5. There is a Mike Tyson cameo
  6. System requirements are decent

Checking out the number of active users of r/cyberpunkgame for hype and they have 439k members and 8.1k are online. Comparing that to r/wallstreetbets there are 1600k members and 12k are online.

Just the fact that we know the game is not going to be further delay should give us an edge compared to slow Wallstreet analysts who will take a whole week to update their pricing models.

I found an amazing write up about the company here by these guys:


Here is a writeup I highly recommend: There is a few pages of DD there.


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