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I believe we are getting close to the biggest shift in money since the USA went off the Gold Standard in the 1960’s. We now live in an era where most stocks no longer pay dividends. The only way people expect their investments will make them money is that someone tomorrow will pay more for your share of Apple , Google, or Netflix today than you paid for those share yesterday. But none of these stocks pay their shareholders dividends.

Now, commodity investors invest in companies that either produce, mine, or grow commodities that are needed to make food, energy, or those pesky tech microchips that are in such a shortage today. And in a world with limited resources, with every government printing money into infinity, all the sudden tech growth no longer seems that original. And owning shares of $FCX, $HAL, or $MOS which all pay dividends and also mine, pump & produce limited resources into existence no longer seems like a crazy investment,

This is my thesis. The greater fool thesis in stocks always going up will eventually come to an end. It only starts when more people start to sell and fewer people want to buy. Because as an old man once told me, that money you thought was yours is not really your money until you leave the casino.

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