2 years Day Trade Buying Power Call Question     

This may be a stupid question however since I’ve been on hold with TDA for 45 mins, I figured I’d see if I could get an answer here.

On Friday, I sold shares of a company that I forgot I had bought shares of the same day which put me over the day trade limit and I was flagged as a pattern day trader.

When i realized I did this, I said “fuck it,” I wasn’t too confident in the next few months anyway and decided to sell off in order to put my money into a new brokerage to start fresh. At this point I was up ≈ $5k for the month and wanted to reevaluate my strategy for the long-term and wait for a good buying opportunity.

Upon looking at my TDA account I have two notifications: the first is a Day-trade buying power call. And the second is a Day-trade minimum equity call – both $15,000.

Now my question is, I don’t owe them that money, right? If I’m understanding this correctly it simply means I cannot buy stock until I have met the $25k minimum to day trade.

I just got scared that there’s some penalty than incurred, which if that’s the case, god help me.

Thanks in advance for any help and direction.

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