1 month Does anyone know what happened/is happening with buyins.net (monitors regulation SHO compliance)? Reddit        

TL/DR: wtf is going on with http://www.buyins.com/ – the site is completely broken, no links work, latest data on the site is from like 2012, HOWEVER they randomly release recent (few days ago) reports… I would be very interested in actually using their services but it’s almost impossible to actually interact/use them??

Any insight would be appreciated! I’d pay to use their services if they are actually usable…

Longer explanation:

– I was reading a Yahoo finance article saying “…Buyins.com, which allows companies and investors to see what’s really going on in the markets–recently put out a shocking report on Avanti…” (the “shocking report” link works btw – good read)

– Immediately interested, I go to their website (check it out yourself). Almost ALL links are broken, latest dates are from years ago etc.

– HOWEVER, doing some google searching, they do arbitrarily put out reports (very recent). My question is WTF is going on with their website/services. I am pretty much saying “take my money!” 🙂 but can’t figure out what this company is doing (vis-a-vis their online presence)

Fun blast from the past: here’s their brochure that was created in 2014 from what I can tell: http://www.buyins.com/brochure.pdf

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