4 weeks Dump EV return to Megas? Reddit     

Having some FOMO with MSFT and other megas, I held 50 shares from $150 to $240, and sold when I had a new FOMO idea, which was basically EV.

I have always held shares of Apple, Amazon, Tesla and Shopify, Nvidia, etc… But I sold off a majority of my shares during Feb highs, and now I’m watching from the sidelines as these stocks are obviously a favorite again.

Positions: 335 shares $CHargePT, 100 shares $VeLDR, 2x 12/17 $12.5c LEAPS on $LuminAZR b/e 26.50, 50 shares $QS, 50 shares $MicroVIS. Earning premiums on first 3, was working towards doing same with last 2. I’m bleeding money, except for $VeLDR this week, which makes me think it’s due to disappoint me next week lol.

I’m still hedged with overall market, my portfolio about 60% ETFs and still have shares in Megas, just not nearly as many, so this week I’ve only lost about 7.5% whereas $CHargePT (-19%) $LuminAZR (-18%) $MicroVIS (-20%) $QS (-21%). But again, my FOMO kicking in when I see all over Reddit people talking about the next crash and shit due next week or next month or whatever, and I’m like, wait so it can still get worse from here?!

Do ya’ll think my bag holding growth/EV gonna pay off, or should I just consider this a 2 month gap in my senses, and get back into the companies that have done me well the last couple years?

EDIT: forgive the weird tickers, had to get creative to pass robo-test.

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