2 weeks E3 is coming, watch out for the following game/tech picks. Reddit        

Here’s a list of all the upcoming conferences coming, which will probably be held online;


I would personally watch for

SONY : Still the biggest leader in the game industry. While the chip shortage might affect the sales of their PS5, most of their profits in the game industry comes from games and online services. Potential big announcements and trailers; God of War 2, more info on Horizon, Ratchet, potential remakes and such.

MICROSOFT: Same as sony, a big contender in the industry, not so much with the console itself but the services and wide range of features offered to gamers.

NINTENDO: THis one has been on a silent rise but the announcement of a potential new Zelda, Metroid or IP might spike it up a bit.


UBISOFT: UBSFY (OTC) might also be in interesting play even for the short term. I just saw an ad on YouTube promoting their upcoming conference, Ubi Forward.

EA: After their usual debacles and predatory management, their stock always takes a hit, but one Battlefront game announcement is enough to rake in some big upward movement in their ticker.

Other and mores:

Actvision; ATVI, same as EA. Do not forget they merged with Blizzard.

AMD: They’re heavily involved with game publishers and they sometimes make brief appearances during the PC Conference. Keep your eyes open.

Square Enix, Capcom, SEGA; Being JPY stocks, you can mostly trade them as OTC stocks but they might still be interesting swing plays.

UPDATE: SONY will not be hosting a conference this year.

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