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3 days EXPI – eXp World Holdings, Inc. – Seeking Discussion Reddit     


Momentum and outlook

Solid balance sheet

Intrinsic calculation suggests it’s 23% undervalued

Canada-based Invidiata moves to join eXp Realty

eXp Expands its Residential Real Estate Network to South Africa

eXp World Holdings is a cloud-based realty that does not operate among traditional brick and mortar. As a holding company, eXp also owns VirBELA – a virtual reality interface for businesses and government entities that’s taking hold. As cheesy as this sounds, it is a contender to be Zoom 2.0

eXp utilizes their VirBELA platform to offer VR home tours online… perhaps ideal with so many folks looking for remote, rural living escapes. The company is adding realtors at a rapid rate, and recently expanded from the USA to Canada, England, South Africa, and intends to expand real estate operations to France, India, Mexico, Portugal and South Africa by the end of this year. This stock worth a look, folks.

3.9B market cap, and it is still a relatively small company with plenty of room for growth.

$20B+ company in less than three years? The main caution is that there’s no moat.

I’m keen to hear where the discussion leads among more experienced traders. Thank you for your time in pursuing my post and its details.

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