2 months For a community looking down on other stupid tokens, you sure are delusional about your own equivalent       

I’ve been lurking r/CryptoCurrency for quite a while now, and it has always been a community that has encouraged people to do their own research before an investment. While awful coins and tokens have both risen and fallen in popularity and value during the lifespan of the subreddit, the community has mostly doubted them and adviced against them, opting for safer investments instead.

Moons started of as a fun experiment, but as they’ve gained value and popularity the state of the subreddit has taken a nose-dive. Sorting by new the subreddit looks like r/Dogecoin equivalent for moons, consisting of value predictions and extremely delusional theories of the token’s future. How did such a level-headed community get so delusional about its own token? Does the majority of you truly believe that a token revolving around a single subreddit is worthy of an investment and able to retan its value in the long run?

Sure, most of it is jokes and memes, much like r/Dogecoin, but it’s tiresome to read. Could we have a separate circlejerking subreddit for moons?

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