2 weeks FTC complaints from real estate agents rising as some catch Zillow and Co selling back log of junk contacts as "hot vetted Buyer leads". Is this the hidden reason why ZG has continued to fall 10x faster than other housing stocks? What happens to ZG if SEC investigation follows? Reddit        

This is the word from Utah where one of the USA’s most desirable but most misunderstood real estate markets is located. (18,000 “Realtors” per 3 Million people although most are in a 100 mile stretch of 2 million people that includes Salt Lake City. That’s a 1/111 real world number. Most Utah “Realtors” don’t have an active license for more than two years and many never even do a transaction. Good questions to ask when exploring that market). This makes the region a prime feeding ground for Zillow and Co’s dark tactics (Zillow also owns Trulia & Streeteasy).

Would be interesting to hear from other real estate agents/brokers in other states about what leads Zillow is selling them. Apparently they lock Realtors in to 6 month contracts for $10,000-$50,000 then slowly trickle a couple dozen of these junk leads to them during that time.

If this is happening nationally it might be time to short ZG…

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