2 months Going to 50% cash position… not out of fear, but learned opportunity.       

My IRA holdings are ~99% FAAMG. I'm up 24% so far this year, my yearly goal is =>10%.

I fully expect next week to be one of the best earnings 'week' for FAAMG on record, if not the absolute best.

My original goal was to just lock-in these beasts and check back in ~20 years. But what's seemed to be a predictable pattern is that regardless of how great FAAMG earnings are the next 3 months are filled with repurchase opportunities at better prices.

So my current game plan for next week is to shed anywhere from 0% to 100% of each in after-hours… depending on earnings/call/price and my pure speculation on their ability to grow before the next earnings season. With the goal of reaching 50% cash before Friday (7-30-2021).

Just curious of thoughts on this approach for fellow FAAN(M)G holders, or your own approach going into next week.

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