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2 weeks Greetings from India Reddit     


I’ve been trading in the Indian market for close to 10 years (over 7 years consecutively). I’m a part time trader and an investor.

I’ve come to this sub to learn about the US market a bit. My broker would soon be offering the service to invest in US stocks directly using the existing account. And by soon, I mean in about a year or so. So in the meantime, I’m trying to familiarize myself with the rhythm of your market. I have a couple of queries and I’d appreciate if someone could clarify that for me.

1) Is there any free source of EOD data for all securities listed on various exchanges? I’ve tried to find it. But I’ve not been able to get any. In India, the exchange uploads a CSV file of such data at the end of each trading session. It has OHLC and volume traded for each listed security.

2) Is there any screener which allows us to filter scrips based on technical indicators? e.g. One wants to filter all scrips which closed above upper bollinger band today. I checked the screeners suggested in this sub. But I couldn’t quite find what I needed.


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