3 months How many etfs should you have? Diversify sector-specific etfs or grab a handful of broad ones? 50%ea on only 2? Reddit      

Since they are baskets of stocks and have diversifications themselves (besides etfs that are for one sector like icln and thcx) is there a lot of reason to intensely study and min-max which etfs you have?

I see some back and forth on voo or vti or qqq, etc. Does it matter a lot at the end of the day? These ones are very similar for example right? Because then i see even more similar ones like qqqm and vym and so on.

In my personal case, here are what i found that seem to be the most popular:

Jepi Vti Voo Schd dgro Qqq Qyld

Since i’m very new and don’t know a lot, what is my next step to decide if i invest in all these? If my folio becomes 50% etfs, what do i need to know or need to ask myself, to know how to weight these?

Is there a way to narrow this down, or should i just make each one roughly 7.2% of my holding?

I also don’t have a specific gameplan here. I don’t currently long term hold stocks and my tiny bit of wealth has come from collectibles and a rental property. I usually actively invest in flipping collectibles since i am young and the returns are a lot greater than passive investing. But i need to diversify and will be selling my rental house soon. Other than my small business, i am retired on fixed income from VA.

I am curious because i have also been reading comparisons on how some etfs have very similar holdings and the way they are weighted often means they move together regardless.

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