1 month how will colonial pipeline hack affect monero price? Reddit        

to sum things up huge company got hacked who was responsible for supplying half of the USA with gas, company paid 5 MILLION fucking dollars in Monero to hackers. takeaway here is that we all know that our friends over NSA aren’t in favor of people having privacy and anonimity and since Monero is unterceable in 2020 IRS put half million dollar reward if someone could find out how to trace it but everyone failed to this day. recent events regarding to pipeline puts up real challenge for Monero and it will be under huge pressure and now we will see if it really is untraceable because everybody will be trying to hack it starting from NSA boys to KGB buddies. i simply want to know how it will affect it’s price and is it good time to buy shitload of it or vice versa?

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