1 week I bought 150 shares of CRSR at 17.36 and i’m not sure what to do with them Reddit     

Hey so i’ve bought CRSR near its IPO because I used to play games when i was younger and knew the company has great products and the numbers looked good and I figured it might go to the 25-30 range maybe next year and i could double my money.

Less than 2 months later its already at 40$ and i made more than 100% on my shares. I always compared CRSR to LOGI in terms of where i see it going in the future but this insane run is making me both happy and nervous. I’m not even sure anymore what my exit point is and whether i should let it run or take my profits now.

I don’t need the money right now and can easily let it sit on it for another year or more but im having trouble (im a new investor and CRSR is my first stock that made so much profit) figuring out what do with it now so i look for advice from you guys. Thanks.

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