4 weeks I broke a personal Margin rule, help on how to exit gracefully. Reddit      

I have a taxable trade account that I put my extra savings into, I have it margin enabled to take advantage of short term buy opportunities. For example, 2 days ago I bought NVDA on margin and have a 7.5% gain. I should sell it now to keep from over extending margin (haven't sold yet). That is how I intended to use margin…(buy, hold for a day or two, sell). This was meant to be done rarely and only when the opportunity presented itself. I never intended to long term hold margin.

In the spring, I took a big position in AAPL when it dipped under $130. It kept going down so I kept buying. That position is up quite nicely. (I'd like to learn how to spot the bottom and buy on the way up, but that's for later).

Around the same time, I took positions in (and am still holding) MSFT, NVDA, V & WMT, which are all up. I also have some taxable GME gains from earlier this year too.

I also took positions in (and am still holding) ARKW & CRSR. The losses on these positions almost wash the AAPL gains. CRSR is especially frustrating as I really do think it should be in the mid $30's.

Since the AAPL gains and ARKW & CRSR losses pretty much wash, when the market dipped earlier this week the entire account was showing a loss. It's back up but still lower than where it was a few weeks ago.

So, here's the problem: as it sits, a bit less than half my positions are currently held in margin and I don't have any more funds to send in to reduce it. I'm pretty certain I want to eliminate my margin holdings. The only way to do that is to sell positions. I just don't know when and how many of which shares I should trim.

I can't tell if we're going to be going into more or less volatility in the coming weeks so I don't exactly know what to do.

If I cut the losers and CRSR finally bounces, I'll be very frustrated but those losses will reduce my taxable GME gains. If I trim all holdings equally it just seems unfocused.

Suggestions on what and when to trim?

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