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1 week I can’t explain how but this sub got me out of depression Reddit     

So hear me out guys.

I was getting at a pretty low point in my life with dark loneliness and no motivation to do anything, like anything at all.
Nothing was making me happy or excited about life.
It’s not that I was really poor or anything either.

I got to this whole crypto world an year ago and somehow I started getting magic money out of thin air. it was a bliss.
Suddenly I was getting excited to wake up every day and check crypto prices first in the morning. I was watching countless YouTube videos about smart contracts, how Etherium works and how dapps are being made over it.
I was actually learning something new almost everyday and was looking forward to each new day.
The recent DEFI hype took it to whole new level, it was unbelievable!

One day I realised am no longer having those dark feelings and it makes me excited for my future!

Did I change my depression to an addiction somehow? I am not sure but it worked for me and makes me feel good.

Do you think it’s a good coping strategy if it works?
What are your views about it? Anyone of you in the similar boat like me?
Let’s hear your stories 🙂

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