3 weeks I do nothing but lose, lose, lose. I’m down from 3x my money to half of what I started with early last year. I’m on the verge, man. Reddit      

I will never get my family out of the ghetto. I see nonstop success with traders online, but I keep losing money every single time.

At first I was getting suckered in by all of these so-called gurus like AC who make calls and then everything they mention tanks 20%

Then…I try to do my own DD, but most recently I bought a bull flag and it tanked and stopped me out. I'm down to peanuts in my account. I am so depressed I will never turn it around. I guess I should just quit fucking trading. I even see as if I buy SPY and forget it that with the economic outlook, even that will be losing over the next 10 years.

There's nothing left. No hope. I have exactly 8k left and if I keep "trying" I will lose that too. How can I turn this around, or do I just need to quit?

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