3 months I don’t know what the hell ApeCoin is, but it’s already in the top 35. Gotta give the marketers credit for this one. Reddit      

Just scanning through the top 100 or so cryptos and there’s ApeCoin at #34 (CoinGecko has it at #65.)

Another meme coin, says I. It’ll boom and bust, right?

Then I look at the trading pairs and exchanges and what-the-what? It’s already on the U.S. majors (FTX, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini) plus the DEX’s. It’s got over 50 trading pairs. Takes a lot of money to get listed and provide that kind of liquidity right out of the gate.

So, dig a little deeper and find out it’s connected to the BoredApe franchise. Sure, why not have your own crypto, to pay for things in your own ecosystem, run by your own DAO. If that’s real utility then color me skeptical.

I have no idea if this thing will make it, but one thing’s for sure. Whoever marketed this just gave future crypto entrepreneurs a masterclass.

Of course, being associated with a multi-billion dollar NFT craze kind of sets you up for success before you even launch.

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