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1 week I had a failed startup and almost went broke until I started trading. Reddit     

I am 28, married and own a travelling agency startup. We had some good growth and were making good profit. But ever since, the Covid pandemic, our business has slowed down alot.We lost a lot of money and laid off many employees.

Due to this,I decided to get into trading about 5 months ago to cover up for the lost income. I had to start from 0 as I didn’t a darn thing about the stock market. I invested plenty of time in researching and collecting information. I found some great sources online that explained things very well.

So,I started with a small capital. I won’t lie, It was going terrible at first lol. It was hit and miss, I would gain some, lose some. I wasn’t really getting anywhere.

Then, I started carefully analysing stocks, seeing the annual report etc. I have started buying and selling in shorter periods of time. Doing this, I have made over $15k in the last month alone.

I buy the stocks when I feel they are at an upward trend and sell when I hit my target. if they drop , I try to atleast break even and minimize losses as much as possible. It’s important to be wise and opportunistic. Don’t get too greedy. If the stock is at a high, Don’t wait too long or it will backfire.

Moreover, Pick your battles. Don’t just buy and sell on a whim. Have a plan and a target in mind. What is your reason of buying? What do you expect to happen? What is your escape if it fails?

Whether you are a veteran trader or a newbie, it really doesn’t matter. You will be successful if you play cards right. Keep Trading.

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