7 days I think I went a little overboard Reddit     

I put 50k of my own money and 50k margin into one stock buying shares and I’m pretty sure I’m just extremely lucky. I had a 10% gain and now that I have a moment of clarity over the weekend I feel like I should sell 100% of my margin since the stock I’m invested in is volatile. I don’t know why I didn’t sell when I was up on Friday because prior to that I was down by 20k prior to me being up. I hope I won’t be too late when Monday rolls around. Or maybe I should just sell 100% of the stock and go back to index funds on Vanguard. I have never risked that amount of money in my life and I don’t know why I did that. I would like to continue messing around with individual stocks, but it seems I have zero self-control and I was just wondering what tips you guys would have to offer to resist the urge to gamble? Or is it best for people like me to stick to investments that are categorically defined as safe?

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