7 days If my stocks are in Etrade, do I still need to update my contact info with each individual company to avoid forfeiture? Reddit     

I got a notice years ago that an investment I had was in danger of being forfeited, because the company couldn’t contact me, because I hadn’t given them my current contact info. I had no idea this was a thing and freaked out and quickly filed the paperwork to update it. But it made me mad. IMO I should be able to ignore a stock for 20 years if I want to and still own it. But no, I guess they need to be able to contact you.

Thing is I own like 30 different individual stocks and just keep track of them in etrade. Do I have to go through all of them and contact each one? Or does having them in etrade take care of that as long as my info there is up to date, which it is. Thanks very much.

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