8 months If you became rich off of stocks what would you do with your life? Reddit     

If you had $5 million what would you do? This seems like a plausible reality. I’m not there yet but I have $500k and feel good about my investments. 5 mil seems possible. I’m 36 and have a wife and kid. Honestly my relationship is real rocky so not sure if that will be forever. I’m thinking of trying to start a business in renewable energy. Maybe learn to code. Giving my parents some money. Other than that would you work at a charity? Try to become more rich? Would you work your 9-5? mountain biking sound cool. Maybe spend a month in different spots around the country… Just renting or crashing at friends places and spending money with them. Fly around the world for a year. As far as material goods all I really want is a sauna. And a better gaming computer.

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