3 weeks In a competition and need risky short-term stock advice Reddit      

I'm in a competition at school where we have $500,000 to invest into the stock market with the option to invest $500,000 if we borrow money. It's all pretend of course, ha. And the rules don't say anything about asking the internet for advice!

The competition starts now and ends in December. Not a ton of time to make money. I can invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, options, cash spots, futures, and future options. Have no idea what anything is past bonds. I asked my dad for help but he's more into mutual funds and more stable investments, which is nice for real life but not for this competition.

So far I'm ranked 42 out of 104 and bought 20 shares. 20 in a semiconductor manufacturing company.

If you have any advice for risky stocks that can pay off in a short time. Please feel free to share. This is just a fun competition for students, I'm not even a business student, I just wanted to learn more about the stock market and thought it looked cool!

Thank you!

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