2 months In case you’re undecided about buying right now Reddit      

Whether you think the bears are coming or you’re convinced that the cycle peak has yet to come…

Those prices are a good entry point – PERIOD.

If you bought VeChain at 0.07$ yesterday, you just got yourself a stack 4 times as big as you would have gotten just a month ago.

If you bought ADA at 1.20$, you bought at a >50% discount from last month’s price when a lot of people were FOMOing in at 2.40$.

ETH was off to the races, looking to smash through all the way to 5k and people were still looking to invest big money. Now you can get in at around 2k.


If you are confident about a project surviving a bear market, you should be celebrating dips like these.

It’s not a matter of IF we’re gonna reach those prices again it’s a matter of WHEN.

Don’t shit your pants about further dips after you finally convinced yourself to buy. Now is a great entry point, even if we crash another 50%.

Don’t try to time the perfect bottom.

Don’t let unrealized losses bother you.

Don’t dump all your fiat into crypto.

Invest in projects you believe in, zoom out and thank yourself in a couple years for being patient and seizing the opportunity.

This right here is what ‘Be greedy when everyone else is fearful’ means.

Take care ❤

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