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I have incorporated (C-Corp) for a contract several years ago. After the contract, I had some left over money in the corp, which I invested in AAPL. It grew over 200%. Not much corp activity for many years except filing tax returns. AAPL paid dividends, so accountant reported it as ordinary income. Actually, dividends are barely enough to pay for the accountant! Corp has not much cash except shares. No contracts, no work.

My broker gives 4x margin in the brokerage account. I have no job since Covid. I started trading since March/April 2021. I made some short term profits, mostly day trading stocks and writing puts.

So, now I have small amount of dividends from AAPL (dividend income), long term profit (AAPL appreciation), and short term profit (from trading).

My question is, how are these incomes taxed by IRS for C-corporations? I did not elect any fancy tax statuses for corporation (I don't even know what exist). I appreciate your advice and feedback.

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