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1 week Instead of complaining about how moons ruined the sub, let’s come together and make changes!!! Reddit     

Like many of you, I have noticed the steady decline in post quality since MOONs became valuable. The old reposts, photoshopped or reposted artwork, the same meme templates, twitter spam, the same news articles being posted a dozen times, Bitcoin ATM pictures.. the list goes on.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As a community we are able to come together and use our MOONs to vote on changes to how distribution is handled or changes to the subs rules to limit certain types of content.

All the previous proposals have not passed because we did not have enough people with moon holdings who voted. We only had 345 people vote on it. This is less then 10% of the users who are online right now on r/cryptocurrency and 0.03% of the total subscribers. We need more people to participate in the community polls if we are ever going to make changes. We Need You more then ever to take part in MOON governance.

Just yesterday the Mods posted Community Proposals and Voting Guidelines. I’m sure if we all get together and come up with some positive ideas we can help limit the low quality content. If you have an idea, please submit a proposal to the moderators, so it can be put to voting.

Even simple things like restricting certain content to certain days may help, like Media Mondays etc. Any ideas that do not make changes to distribution will be much more likely to pass because the quorum is only 10% compared to 20% for a distribution change. If anyone has some good ideas please share them or submit a proposal, we can make a difference if we all put in the effort to make change.

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