2 months Investing $70K and $2500 Reddit    

My significant other just moved all of her money into a new Fidelity account. She now has $72K in an IRA and $2500 in a Roth she needs to invest. The money will be invested for around 25-30 years.

I started investing about two years ago so I am not the best source of advice.

I was thinking of suggesting she throw both accounts into some Fidelity Mutual Funds with the following thoughts:

  1. Try to stay under a 0.5 net expense ratio.
  2. Use Fidelity funds only, unless there is something suggested that seems like good bet.
    1. There is a smaller Roth account with $2700 which I am not sure what to suggest as far as investments with that sum. Maybe just throw some riskier individual stocks into this account?
  3. I am not sure if she should lump sum into them this week or DCA. If DCA, I am unsure about what length of time to use that strategy and how long to stretch out fully investing the money.
  4. I was debating suggesting the following funds:
    1. FOCPX
    2. FBCGX
    3. FSKAX
    4. FNILX
    5. FXAIX
    6. FZROX
    7. VXUS or FZILX
    8. FITLX
    9. FSPGX
    10. FCPVX

Are there any others she should be looking at? Is there too much overlap here?

We will be purchasing a house soon with other funds (not sure that matters, but wanted to mention it).

Thanks for any advice I can research!

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