4 weeks Investing long-term in TQQQ Reddit     

Just curious, has anyone been investing long-term into TQQQ, whether with regular contributions (I.e.: $X every month / quarter), or without additional contributions (I.e.: just a lump sump)? If so, what’s been your observations/returns, and over what period?

Most triple leveraged ETF to me seem to end up in a shit show at some point in time, but for some reason TQQQ seem to replicate fairly consistently the movement of QQQ.

I’ve toyed so many times with the idea of throwing $300-$500 into it every month, but every time get spooked out because I know all the inherent risks of tripled leveraged ETFs… But then also always kick myself for not doing it years ago, looking at the kind of returns it’s had over the last 3 years / 5 years

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