1 week InvestorPlace: 3 Quantum Glass Stocks for the Future of Batteries (QuantumScape / QS included) Reddit     

On November 20, Faizan Farooque wrote an article in InvestorPlace listing three stocks involved in the holy grail of EV. The article is titled “3 Quantum Glass Stocks for the Future of Batteries.”

[I can’t provide the link because one of the tickers goes against this subreddit’s rules.]

The three picks are Samsung, Panasonic, and QuantumScape. I’ll focus on the third, the electric vehicle battery supplier backed by Volkswagen and even Bill Gates himself. Past discussions can be found here:

Bill Gates-backed Electric Vehicle battery supplier, QuantumScape, to “IPO” (QS)

QuantumScape (QS): Upside of 100% or More? (Bill Gates-backed Electric Vehicle battery supplier)

The ticker QS will come live in just a week’s time.

Anyways, on to to relevant quotes from Farooque’s article:

Volkswagen (OTCMKTS:VWAGY)-backed QuantumScape, a manufacturer of large-capacity solid-state lithium-metal batteries. Volkswagen will use the company exclusively for its EV needs. Being the European EV market leader, the fastest-growing EV market on the planet should be reason enough for you to be bullish.

However, it would help if you were patient with this stock. All of the parties involved said they have enough funds to back its ambitions. But the issue is cost-effectiveness and managing demand. Since we are dealing with experimental technology, those issues can be resolved in due time. You need to hang tight and believe in the concept.

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