1 month Is it crazy if I invest half of my college savings into stock market? Reddit     

Hello everyone,

I’m a freshman business student and a novice in the stock market and investing. I’ve had some experience with Cryptos, like Bitcoin, but I believe they’re too risky and volatile for this particular purpose. So, I’m considering the stock market, but I have no previous knowledge or experience.

Do you think it’s safe to put a part of my college savings into the stock market these days? If so, what shares do you suggest? (I don’t want to day trade, because I want to spend most of my time on studying and college. I’d rather have a long-term investment.)

P.S. I’m an F-1 international student, and I’m not completely sure if I’m legally allowed to invest in the US stock market under my Visa status. I’ll need to consult a lawyer before doing anything. If you know anything about this too, please let me know.

Thank you

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