2 years Is QE (Quantitative Easing) still possible? The end of an economic era?     

Quantitative easing or QE, is the new tool for central banks since 2008 crisis to regulate the market.

[For those who needs a heads up on QE: it is the principal mechanism of creating currency to keep the boat afloat. The fed, (or the domestic central bank) will buy assets on the market with fresh created money to investments funds to relieve them from it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantitative_easing .]

Intro part : QE is the way things worked for the past decade. It helped banks keeping healthy assets after subprime crisis, it drove the stock market up for 12 years. At the cost of a slight and good inflation. It has been used massively lately to prevent occidental economic collapse (up to $6,13 trillion created by the fed for the USA). I know that a lot of you talked about « the coronavirus Dip » and did not understand why the stock market did not dive, this is why.

Question part : 

Now let us imagine that the current coronavirus situation will create an inflation. Central banks will not be allowed to use QE if the inflation is too high. IMO above 4% (annual month to month growth rate) is smelling bad. The minute the fed, or EU CBE, will announce they cannot use QE because of inflation, this is where panic will strike. In an attempt to anticipate, could we discuss the possibility of this and the sustainability of the QE mechanism paradigm?

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