1 month Is there a serious liquidity problem in the country right now despite inflation? Reddit      

Many people had to resort to unconventional jobs and income sources during the pandemic to make money, with gig jobs and frequent turnover in small businesses across the globe. Some of these people have grew once -small income streams into legitimate business operations, but will not be able to get any leverage for a while because of lack of consistency with income which is more important than your FICO score. Financially responsible people trying to fund legitimate business opportunities in the future that haven’t made money consistently or are younger that 2 years (hasn’t been 2 years since the pandemic yet),during the pandemic will have trouble for now.

With rampant market speculation driving down legitimate fundamental investments as we all wait for a ‘certain’ bubble to pop that will not be named. People wanting to finance these new opportunities are kind of hung dry right now, but it is very hard for people in this situation to get fixed-rate loans right now.

The fact that huge businesses too are still enjoying cheap debt is also noteworthy.

I worry about the intermediate and short term implications of this in addition to everything else that is going on in the market right now.

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