1 month is ZM gonna collapse further, now that the stay-at-home period is coming to an end? Reddit        

ZM started at around $100 pre covid.

Went as high as $588, and now sits around $300. I think it will eventually fall back below $150.

What does the company have to prop up these prices?

People are going back to the office soon, and I’m guessing only a fraction of those people will continue to use Zoom.

Some people might be overestimating how much of the work force will be permanently working from home. Companies are probably not going to suddenly give up their real estate.

Zoom’s 2020 growth can’t be extrapolated into future years.

Zoom isn’t the only video conferencing player out there, so what’s so special about it? People were using Cisco and Google Meet or Hangouts before this.

Motley fools tried to pump ZM on March 16 as it was falling, when it was at $350, and since then it has fallen 23% to $270 the last few days.

Why are you going long, or shorting ZM ?

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