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Have a question for experts. I currently have a cash account TDA. I took off margin 2 weeks ago because I don’t like idea of margin call and the like. Well Friday had 15 long put at $ 9.00 strike price land ITM by 0.17 cents. Was running errands and in traffic and got home 5 minutes after market close. Now my account only 6k in it. A cash account. I called TDA with intentions of telling to do a do not exercise ( DNE). The recording informed me if I did not have funds to purchase the shares that TDA would close out the option contract for me.

Fast forwarded to today and I am now short -1500 shares and they put 15k dollars in my account. Once again I am on a cash account not a margin account. My question is can they margin call a cash account? Because I plan to sell immediately Monday morning but was told was an error on TDA side but I want to make sure they don’t margin call my cash account? 🤔

The stock is $CLOV. Say Monday morning it rises. I would like to try and wait for it drop some so don’t lose money. Confused how this happen because was on cash account and did not have funds at all. Any help appreciated

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