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Before getting in to this I would of course like to start off by saying I am not a financial advisor, and know literally nothing about school busses or school bus manufacturing companies. A short summary of BLBD is that they make school busses which is pretty lame, but that they also make alternate fuel school busses, which is a market that they dominate. I was drawn to this company last week due to their relatively low market cap compared to their revenue and even profit per share. The stock has a market cap of around 600 million, yet revenue from 9/30/2019 – 9/30/2020 of 879 million, a tick down from the previous year that saw revenue around 1 billion dollars (downtick possibly because of Covid). Along with this, the stock has a P/E ratio of around 50, which isn’t bad for an industrial stock during Covid. The final good bit of financial news is that their quarterly revenue for 6/30/20 – 9/30/20 was around 281 million, a large uptick from the previous quarter’s revenue of around 190 million, and one of the best quarter’s they’ve had since even a little before Covid. This uptick could be due to a larger demand for their alternative fuel school busses and schools opening back up in general. Anyways though I bought a little less than 9 shares of the company on Friday deciding to just dip my toes in before possibly putting in more. For some reason the stock went from being down 2% for the day to being up 18.36% after hours just before the closing of afterhours for a reason that is beyond me. The stock and company rarely sees any significant news at all, and the only reason i could find for why the stock would go up is this dude with 79 followers on seekingalpha who sports a fish profile pic posting an article saying he had a 82 dollar price target because electric and alternate fuel vehicles make valuation go brrrr. He cited that the company currently has around 76% market share in propane school busses, and 59 % market share in electric which is pretty cool. Anyway the point is that I have seen a lot worse stocks get ridiculous valuations because they make alternate fuel vehicles and apparently there is a market for alternate fuel school busses even during covid so maybe afterwards they will make even greater revenue and profit. I do not know how to put emojis on non mobile but if I did I would put some rocket ones here, BLBD stock might be worth looking at, if only to see what happens on tuesday after whatever that was that took place after hours on Friday.

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