2 months Moons are the Chinese Social Credit of this website       

Reddit was, and in other subs still is, a place for people to call their own. Customized to their interests and somewhere where they can socialize with people just like them. Nothing paid, no premium content, where everyone can openly express their opinion and talk about things, from all sides.

Moons direct people in the complete opposite way. With moons, every time you make a post, or write a comment, there is a voice in the back of your head saying "will this be liked? Maybe I shouldn't say that because I won't get paid. Maybe I should not express what I really think, instead what the people love, and I'll get some money for it"… In my opinion, it completely changes the structure of a subreddit, way beyond having some karma points go up or down.

Even with writing this up I know it won't get liked by a lot of people in here, I'm gonna get downvoted, some stupid comments are gonna fly my way, and in turn those comments will try to farm moons, even if their authors don't believe them. But I don't care. I try not to care. I used to not care. I used to not give a shit about what I post online.

I know there are a lot of people out there like me, who would hate to see their favorite website turn into a farm for money.

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