2 years My portfolio guidance     

Hello all, looking for some guidance on balancing my portfolio. I will be holding for 5 years minimum some obviously longer, but will re evaluate after 5 years.

Currently this is what I have in mind

VOO- 20% MSFT- 18% TSLA- 15% AMZN- 12% AAPL- 11% JNJ- 5% V- 5% KO- 4% UPS- 2.5% WM- 2.5%

I have a remaining 10% to work with was going to hold some cash in order to jump on good deals when they happen, but was only going to hold 5% max in cash. Then the remaining 5% put into a stock with growth potential.

All input and criticism is welcome I tried to keep it somewhat diverse, I know Musk is a loose cannon however I just believe in the guy and it’s a long term hold anyhow.

Thank you so much!!

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